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Green, Blue, and Blue - Green Corridors

Green Corridors are linked plantings of appropriate native plants and trees that provide paths for fauna to move through a man-made environment. This creates a green infrastructure, being a network of trees and plants that enable fauna to live, hunt and find food within urban landscapes.

Blue Corridors are waterways that run through villages, towns and urban and rural environments; the challenge with blue corridors is the protection and development of flora, fauna and aquatic life. Like green corridors they can be enhanced with native plantings to provide a blue-green corridor and be a sustainable link to enable the movement of fauna and the reintroduction of aquatic life.  

Both green and blue corridors have the potential to be established and enhanced within the Feilding urban environment by identifying and maintaining existing habitats and by connecting fragmented and isolated ecosystems.

There are five potential sites for green and blue corridor development within the Manawatu District however only the Mangakino and Mangone West streams are of immediate interest to the Awahuri Forest / Kitchener Park (AF/KP) Trust. There is also a possibility to have the Mangakino stream blue – green corridor link with the railway land and thus create a green corridor extending from the northern end of Lethbridge Street to the Oroua River Bridge.         

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