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February 2021 to January 2024

This project is a three-year project specifically aimed at restoration of five different eco-systems of the forest. Each of the five sites has its own implementation plan and desired outcome. All have a common theme of actions. Removal of exotic trees from oxbows and old channels. Willows being the main issue here. Removal of intransient weeds blackberry, Oldman’s beard, onion weed etc. Assessing which plant and trees are best suited to the small plots and microclimates within the areas based on whether the land is wet dry or change through the year. Or if there is currently shade or if it is exposed to sunlight. From this information the best plants types to initially plant to recreate the forest are selected. Seed is gathered and propagated and then areas are planted. Post planting for the first two years each tree is kept weed free until it is established and have grown to the point, they are above the weed hight and can survive freely. In a few years there will be a need to plant different species in these sites as the trees mature and the ecosystems change enough to allow for particularly trees and plants that survive in shade of the forest. This will become another project in itself. It is unlikely we will see these site fully mature as some species of trees take 20 to 30 years to become forest giants. mature and 100 plus years to become forest giants.

This $360,000 project is able to be done with external grant funding of $180,000.00 from Manatū Ahu Matua -Ministry for Primary Industries -. Te Uru Rākau – New Zealand Forest Service -One billion tree programme, trees from Trees that count, and $90,000 from Manawatu District council Stipend. Without these parties supporting the AF/KP Trust this work in the forest would take at least 10 more years to be completed.  

The overall measurable out-come for this three years project is to prepare the areas and plant 23,000 new forest trees across these five areas.

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