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We welcome people coming and enjoying Awahuri Forest Kitchener Park, but ask all visitors to recognise this is a very fragile ecosystem that can be very easily damaged.

Awahuri Forest Kitchener park is also a National listed Scenic Reserve and usage comes under the  Reserve Management Act 1977.


Awahuri Forest Kitchener Park is situated near the Manawatu town of Feilding in the North Island of New Zealand. The Park entrance is on Kawa Kawa Road,Feilding, on the left about 200 metres from Awahuri Road. Access is also available via a walking track which follows along the Makino stream from Rata Street in Feilding.

GPS South 40°14'43.0"S Easting 175°32'23.9"E

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The park is open to the public in daylight hours. Closed at dusk. Night time entry is forbidden.


The forest park is a natural wetland and floods periodically. The forest park is closed for safety and protection of the public during flood events and high winds. It may also be closed for maintenance of the infrastructure, tree planting and tree trimming or removal.

High wind events create the risk of trees and branches falling. For the protection of the public the park is closed at these times.


There is a sealed car park with easy access to raised board walks suitable for wheel chairs prams and people with reduced mobility. 

Maintenance tracks can be walked on, but are not reduced mobility, wheelchair or pram friendly.

Toilets are next to the car park. They are eco-friendly compostable with no attached sewerage system or running water.

There is a grassed picnic area just beyond the car park.

There is no running potable water in the park nor is electricity available.

Conditions of park usage

Please stay on the tracks and board walks. Don’t leave footprints.

Do not enter the forest itself - Regenerating plants, seedlings, exposed tree roots, insects, fungi and invertebrates are all part of the protected wildlife ecosystem.  Uneven ground can be a safety hazard. Be aware that the forest contains many water features.

Do not take plants or cuttings from trees or shrubs. These are protected under the Reserve Management Act. Many new trees have been provided by charity grants.

Take all rubbish with you. Do not litter the park.

Do not dump domestic rubbish or compost in the park. The Manawatu recycling centre is located on Kawakawa road.

Open fires are banned. Closed gas barbeques may be used in the picnic area when local fire bans are not in place. Always check local fire ban status before you barbeque.

Motorised and electric powered vehicles are banned from the park boardwalks and tracks. The only exceptions being electric wheelchairs and authorised maintenance vehicles. 

Drones are not allowed in Awahuri Forest Kitchener Park unless a permit has been obtained by Manawatu District Council for research or maintenance activities.


Dogs may be walked in the park, but must be on leads at all times.

Do not allow your dog to leave the boardwalks or tracks as they may damage new plants regenerating.

Please do not exercise your dogs in the Makino stream or oxbows.

Please clean up all dog litter and place in the provided bin in the car park, or take home for disposal.

Trapping of possums, ferrets, rats and other vermin which kill birds and invertebrates is an ongoing activity. You are responsible for keeping your animals out of traps.

If you observe dogs not under control, please contact Manawatu district council animal control 06 3230000. 24hours

Research and education

We welcome research and education activities within the park. We are always interested to learn and accumulate knowledge about the park.

Please notify the Trust prior to entering the forest for research and education purposes.

Please give reason why you need to leave the formal paths and boardwalks.


Vandalism or destruction of forest or infrastructure.

If you observe anyone taking wood, plants, destroying plants or infrastructure please report to Manawatu District Council 06 323 0000.


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Walking on tree roots kills trees

Newly planted trees pulled out and dumped by the boardwalk. 27th Oct 2021

Take some time-out at Awahuri Forest - Kitchener Park

Free entry, open 7 days a week.


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