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The Awahuri Forest Kitchener Park Trust is responsible for the maintenance and restoration of the forest park. This requires very diverse activities that on the surface may seem unrelated but, all interlink to each other for the long-term purpose of creating a self-sustaining forest. Over and above the ongoing annual seasonal maintenance schedule, the Trust creates additional projects that have a focus on specific activities. Some of these projects are short term and only take a few months to complete. Others take several years but as some are ongoing projects they can be confused with the ongoing maintenance activities.

These projects can also change as time and resource dictates and some are even finished. E.G a new boardwalk is being constructed in early 2022. Once completed this will become part of the ongoing  regular maintenance programme. E.G.  The animal pest control project aimed at the eradication of possums, rats, feral cats, hedgehogs is an ongoing programme that is separated from regular maintenance due to the skills and recording being specific to this activity. E.G.  The MPI project is an external funded three-year programme that is focused specifically on restoration of five diverse sub areas of the forest. This is over and above regular ongoing restoration activities.

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